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Server Info - Features

This page is updated frequently and it is important that you are always visiting
to keep up to date on the features of the server.

All things that you cannot find in this page, will be working like in the official (retail like).

L2Age - LINEAGE 2 HIGH FIVE - Mid rate

Opening date: Sep 14, 2018

Server Time: GMG -3 Time Zone


Server main language (Chat): Portuguese / English
Protections: Special Anti-Bot + Custom Anti-Bot Protection System developed by the administrator + Anti-Hack + DDoS protection
Maximum allowed boxes for computer (windows of the game): 4 + (Unlimited Offline Trade Shops)

Server Rates:
EXP, SP 20x
Adena 10x
SealStone 6x
Drop 1x / Boss Drop 1x / Spoil 4x
Quest Chance and Quantity 2x / Quest XP, SP and Adena 4x
Safe Enchant: +3 / Max Enchant: Official like - Its hard to have ultra enchanted item!
Enchant Rate: from +4 to +14 = 55% / from +15 above = 25%

Special buff system free and premium account via ALT+B

Server Hardware: Xeon processor E5-2630V3 (16 x 2,40 GHz), 64 GB of DDR3 RAM, 4x 320GB Intel PRO RAID-10, 1x SATA 1TB Western Digital (for temporary backups), 1Gbit redundant network with protection.

Olympiads: Will follow the original settings and will be initialized from October 1, 2018.

PvP System: The server has protection (artificial intelligence) against PVP points feed. Also we will have a system with announces for players kills like Monsterkill, Ultrakill...

Buff Slots: HIGH FIVE Original.

L2Age Server Commands:
.help - shows you all available commands
.jailstat - shows time the left in jail in the case you are jailed
.time - shows the current server time
.expon - turn on experience from mobs
.expoff - turn off experience from mobs
.offline - start offline shop
.timeleft - shows time left for any timed item you have
.packadena - convert 1kkk of adena in adena pack and .unpackadena to revert

Boss Respawn:

Retail Like - Oficial

Staff: Admin Thunder
There are more than 12 years in management and extensive experience in the L2OFF servers. There are no other GMs or GAs available on the server in this way you can feel free of any kind of interference and/or corruption in the server since there are no GMs or GAs playing.

The L2Age project (Important - Read): The server uses L2OFF PTS files and focused on being as closed as possible to the official server. The server will be mid rate (20x) and we have special buffer system. High Five always following the focus on being mid rate and more similar with the official.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the server intend to insert new GMs or GAs in the future to help in the support and server?
No, we prefer to keep the server free from such problems. As stated above, we have extensive experience in l2servers administration and we know that GMs or GAs will bring us more problems than solutions. GMs and GAs always have friends who play on the server and this harms the future of the server as we have had past experiences. In addition, you will be sure to be playing on a server where there are no GMs or GAs playing, thus bringing greater reliability to the server. We know that to give support for everyone is a hard job, but we prefer to be bad in the support service reply period than to have great problems like the ones we had in the past.

What staff will do to keep the server running with a good number of online players?
Our servers are already well known and everyone knows that they are long date. The reliability and experience of previous servers guarantee you stability and fun for so many years. In addition we will be always doing events to attract new players and we will also be always maintaining a good advertisements in the servers main top lists.

Is it possible that there are classes that are better than the others on the server?
Yes, it is possible since the files will be kept in the original way. Even though some classes may be better than the others, as the server not uses original buff times, all classes are required to make things happen on the server.

What are the protections that the server uses?
The server uses full protection against any kind of automatic action. We use the best softwares to keep the game clean of people who want to take some advantage. In addition to the known software, we also use some techniques developed by our Admin Thunder specially for our servers. As these techniques are not known, we can say with greater confidence that our server is totally free of bots and/or hacking programs. In addition to all the software that the server already uses, the server admins also log in sporadically to check suspicious actions and/or players that may have been reported. Anyway, we can say that using any kind of program to take advantage on our servers, has no future because the ban in your accounts will be applied.

I share accounts with my friends. They login my accounts and I login his accounts. If he does something wrong, can I be banished with him?
Each case is a case and we will analyze this type of punishment separately. If we realize that you got any kind of benefit because your friend was using something not allowed, your accounts will also be banned with him. We recommend not sharing your account and not logging accounts from other players to avoid any kind of problems.

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